Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Carl lives

Bill Murray guests on American Chopper in a two-part celebrity chopper special. The bike's theme is Caddyshack, the inspiration is Murray's character from the film - 80s comedy icon Carl Specklar - groundskeeper of the century.

Catch a replay of episode 1 in the wee hours tonite - August 8, (9th really), 2a. Also Monday nite, August 14 @ 7p. Episode 2 premieres that same nite at 10p.

Unlike the usual celebrity eps of American Chopper, Bill hangs out in the shop with the crew...

It was like it was (Carl’s) motorcycle, so it had a little bit of army surplus, a little bit of army ordinance and a little bit of greenskeeper. It was fun. I got to lift something every once in a while.


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