Friday, August 04, 2006


Recently premiered on BBCAmerica, Life on Mars concerns a 21st century Brit investigator - Sam Tyler - inexplicably transported to 1973. Is he imagining 1973 while suffering a coma in 2005? Is he crazy but really in 1973? Who knows?

But what fun trying to figure it out, watching Sam deal with the culture-shock of early 70s policing...

"We've sent the fingerprints to Scotland Yard, they'll let us know if there's a match in a fortnight..."

And then there's all the cool fashions and cars to look at...

Life on Mars - after the Bowie song - runs Monday nites at 10p on BBCAmerica - and is replayed Sunday nites at 9p. This Sunday will be a replay of episode 2. There will be a marathon of the first four episodes on Sunday, August 20. Highly recommended.


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