Monday, August 07, 2006

Still on top?

My travels led to me missing the opening weekend of the Miami Vice movie...

Maybe all Michael Mann's movies should be called Heat. In each of them the sheer broiling temperature, humidified with masculine sweat and masculine rage, pulses off the screen in waves. This is the brash and ultraviolent feature-length version of the 80s TV cop show, once exec-produced by Michael Mann himself and now fondly remembered for its pastel suits.

But there is no question of bringing back Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas in arch cameos, and there is no room for self-deprecation on the subject of men's fashion or anything else. The stars, Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx, wear some pretty nice suits, but with the sleeves resolutely rolled down. At one stage, Farrell, playing undercover narcotics agent Sonny Crockett, actually asks Gong Li's beautiful Chinese-Cuban drug dealer to take the wheel of his supersonically fast speedboat while he removes his stylish jacket.

It's an improvised move that is sexy, confident, intimate. But not funny. Like everything else in the picture, it has a muscular, unremitting seriousness.


I made a prediction about Vice - MONSTER. Here we are two weeks into the opening and the tally is a bit shaky: a two-week cumulative gross of $46,000,000. The boys dropped so quickly after opening week that they stand at #4 behind Talladega Nights, Barnyard and Pirates of the Caribbean.

It ain't looking too good for my average. We'll give it another week or two to wash out...


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