Friday, August 04, 2006

Career Karma

Stumbling out of a failed relationship with Rush Limbaugh, tv news anchor Daryn Kagan finds herself cut adrift by her network CNN. She assures us this is a positive development in this personal "note"...

I am so grateful for the experience and people I've worked with for 12 years. 12-years!? Who has a job anywhere for 12-years anymore, let alone in TV news!

It is time for me to move onto the next phase of my career. I am very excited about starting my own online venture at It will be an inspirational, online community dedicated to the radical idea that the world is a good place. Sounds different, I know. It is. Watch the site for more details in the coming weeks. launches November 13th.


Hmmmm, running a website is a lotta work. Maybe she can get some help from Star Jones...

UPDATE: Harry Shearer responds to Daryn's attempt to take on the "straight" news world at her new website...

Here's what (Daryn)'s discovered during her TWELVE years as a CNN anchor:

"I think there is a void in the straight news business now, (which is) lacking a certain spirituality," Kagan told The Associated Press on Thursday. "I think most people live in a space where they are looking for meaning in life and good in the world and that is not necessarily reflected in straight news coverage right now."

Oh, for the good old days, when William Randolph Hearst's papers, teeming with spirituality, helped people find meaning in life and good in the world. Right now? Daryn, that's never been the purpose of the news media. Did they trick you at Career Day? Did Ted Turner hypnotize you? Did it really take you twelve years to discover the sad truth about the news media? Please share the inspiring story of your moment of discovery on your website soonest. Thanks.


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