Monday, August 07, 2006

Hummer hatin'

Test Pattern over at the MSNBC site has a list of Five Ads You Hate. One of the latest Hummer ads made the list. They hate the female version of the ad - I've only seen that one once. Here in Virginia, they've been running the male version:

A trim, fit, guy in his 20s is checking out at the grocery store. He's got this really big box labeled "Tofu" he's buying there. As he looks back down the belt to the customer behind him, he wistfully sees that a fratboy looking guy is buying about 75 pounds of pork ribs. Fratboy looks at the tofu and sort of does this "sorry dude" with his eyes.

Tofu guy goes out and buys a Hummer. The tagline comes up: "Restore Your Manhood."

I don't know what frustrates me more - the insulting fake machismo of this ad - or the idiots who will be inspired to go out and buy one of these stupid trucks.


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