Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Only a matter of time

When I saw that Studio 60 wasn't on last night I assumed the worst. Today FoxNEWS.com gleefully reports the show is done, finished. NBC ordered the final three eps it was contractually obligated to do so but there is no chance they will be made. Heroes is clobbering them.

There is one winner to come out of Studio 60, however: Matthew Perry. In this show he's proven himself to be a star on his own separate from "Friends." His comedic timing and ability to ad lib, toss off lines, and give restrained physical reactions is what keeps Studio 60 even remotely interesting. We can only be hopeful that someone comes up with a great new show for him quickly—but a comedy that's funny, not a drama that isn't.


Well, I guess that puts me at three for four. Is Shark still on...?


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