Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Premiere Week Wrapup - part 2

Shark: In classic braindead fashion, the network didn't even bother to publicize that the opening ep of James Woods' new legal show was directed by Spike Lee. What the heck were they thinking? The show was great - Woods was dynamite, surrounding cast was good enough. Jeri Ryan didn't have much to do but maybe they'll write her in more as things progress.

Spike actually got Jimmie to tear up on-screen! Yes, I know, Bette Davis said that all you need to do to cry on-screen was pluck a nose hair. What's noteworthy about it is that Woods didn't just laugh in Spike's face at the idea. CBS, Thursdays at 10p, following CSI...

...which BTW, ended its first of two parts season opener with a one-two gut-punch. In a mind-twisting intercutting of two scenes we are introduced to the work of a new, sadistic, freako killer along with the shocking and sad and not totally unexpected destination to Willow's long-running ride on the Hellbound Train. Girl, you are not 22 years old anymore...but God help the perp - in an unbelievably nervy performance, Marg Helgenberger shows us in no uncertain terms Willow's iron will - the one thing that has saved her from her spotty judgement.


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