Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just Released on DVD

10th and Wolf: A man returns home to Philadelphia to find his brother and cousin have become mobsters.

They live in Philly - what did he expect?

Hard Candy: A man in his 30s gets more than he bargained for when he picks up a teenager in a coffee shop.

Yeah - he gets featured on the latest Dateline NBC.

The Proposition: A violent, gritty Australian Western penned by rock legend Nick Cave.

Rock legend Nick who?

Stay Alive: A group of friends play a video game inspired by the 17th century noblewoman called The Blood Countess. Soon, they start being murdered in ways that mirror the murders in the game.

Starring Frankie Muniz!

Sheesh! You know, I have been seriously considering cancelling my "DVD-rental-in-the-mail-thing" and shifting that money to the monthly fee for a dual tuner DVR. There's lotsa good stuff on TV these days if you can just keep up with it and find it when it's on. The DVR makes that much, much easier...


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