Friday, September 15, 2006

Here Comes Some New Stuff!

TONIGHT: No series premiere tonight but two new Stargates on SciFi...

MONDAY: NBC launches its new Aaron Sorkin creation - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. I'd describe it but the NBC website is such a murky mess I couldn't get anything to come up about it. Looks like a "behind the scenes of a tv show" tv show. Sorta like what Sorkin did on...Sports Night. Good cast, though. 10p

TUESDAY: CBS premieres Smith with Ray Liotta as a criminal mastermind living an undercover yuppie life in suburbia. Not even his wife knows what he's up to. Early buzz sez the acting is great and the capers are top notch. 10p

WEDNESDAY: CBS fires up Jericho - small town residents witness a nuclear mushroom cloud in the distance and are thrown into turmoil fearing they're the only folks left alive - on the planet. Sounds more like a movie or mini-series plot rather than an on-going tv show but hey, might be fun watching them struggle to keep it going. 8p

Also on Wednesday, NBC tries to take us with Kidnapped - basically it's Without a Trace done in real time - 24 style. Cast includes Delroy Lindon, Timothy Hutton, Dana Delany and Jeremy Sisto - yeah! Billy Chenowith from Six Feet Under. 10p

THURSDAY: CBS - James Woods - Jeri Ryan - legal drama - Shark - okay, I'll give it a try. And yes, I'm pretty sure that's Melissa Leo guest starring in the opening ep. 10p.


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