Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Random Ten

Lipstick Vogue - Elvis Costello

Baby, I Love You - Aretha Franklin

Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Taj Mahal

A Rolling Stone - Grace Jones

Live and Learn - Joe Public

New Age - Velvet Underground

Prince of Darkness - John Carpenter

3/5s of a Mile in Ten Seconds (Live) - Jefferson Airplane

Caught in a Dream - Alice Cooper

UPDATE: You know, I picked this particular graphic because the Velvet Underground song is about Shelley Winters and even mentions her kissing Mitchum. But once I posted the graphic and the list of songs - chosen randomly by iPod Party Shuffle - it freaked me out how all of them fit - except maybe the Jefferson Airplane...

UPDATE 2: Whoa - here's some lyrics from the Airplane song:

do away with people blowing my mind
do away with people wasting my precious time
take me to a simple place
where I can easily see my face
baby, baby I can see that you're fine
know I love you baby, yes I do
know I love you baby, yes I do

do away with people laughing at my hair
do away with people climbing on my precious prayers
take me to a circus tent
where I can easily pay my rent
and all the other freaks can share my cares
know I love you baby, yes I do
know I love you baby, yes I do

Party Shuffle is definitely working overtime today!


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