Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Still hurting America

Tucker Carlson:

...had choice words for CNN golden boy Anderson Cooper, who recently interviewed Dave Chappelle, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Angelina Jolie. Said Tucker: "There's nothing wrong with interviewing Dave Chappelle. There's nothing wrong with being the modern reincarnation of you know some hard bitten news man of the '40's, right, Ed Murrow, but it's impossible to be both at the same time. So you're either Ed Murrow or you're Pat O'Brien from 'The Insider.' Pick one."


Tucker you ignorant slut...

Person to Person was an immensely popular television program in the United States that ran from 1953 to 1961. Well-respected news reporter Edward R. Murrow hosted it, interviewing celebrities in their homes. Guests included then-Senator John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline, Groucho and Harpo Marx, Margaret Mead, Harry Truman, Marilyn Monroe, W.C. Handy, and John Steinbeck...

Although Murrow is best remembered for his hard-hitting radio and television reporting on programs such as Hear It Now and See It Now and for publicly confronting Senator Joseph McCarthy, it should also be remembered that on Person to Person he pioneered the TV interview of a celebrity.


For cryin' out loud Tucker, even if the Cliff Notes version was above your head, you could have gone out and rented Good Night and Good Luck...


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