Tuesday, July 18, 2006

OMG! Tell me everything

Anyone watching the season finale of CSI will remember that completely out-of-the-blue closing scene with Grissom and Sara lounging around in bathrobes. After years of spurning Sara's advances, suddenly they're together?

Well, rest assured, CBS promises we'll get more details next season...

CBS president Nina Tassler addressed the massive controversy over the season finale of CSI. Actually, despite the ferocious, ongoing debate over that ending, in which Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle were shown in a bedroom together, Tassler didn't indicate that she was aware of any controversy over the ending.

“We are going to see more of Grissom and Sara, which was hugely embraced by the audience last year. You will definitely see that relationship evolve,” Tassler said.

Hardcore CSI fans have been flooding many Web sites, including this one, with their thoughts on that ending, and there’s a sizable faction of fans who disliked the ending (and the show's possible turn toward more information about the CSI investigators' personal lives). Clearly those fans don’t have Tassler’s e-mail address.

The opening up of the personal lives on CSI, by the way, is not a reaction to going up against Grey’s Anatomy, Tassler said.

”We've been sort of teasing that during most of the year last year. And then the finale, which we just got a tremendous response from the audience, tremendous response,” Tassler said.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't we know a great deal about the personal lives of the CSI crew - Brown's gambling addiction and screwed up marriage, Willow's mobster dad, her bad marriage, her previous career as a stripper, Stokes' childhood nickname - Pancho (!). So how would this development be any different than what we've already been treated to?

And hey, isn't the fact that these characters have lives beyond their work part of what makes the show so popular? Or is it just the body parts?


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