Monday, July 17, 2006

Your next SUV...

Cougar is a multi-purpose, 12 ton mine protected armored patrol vehicle. The design uses a monocoque, bulletproof and blast-proof capsule fitted with transparent armored glass, which protects the driver and crew from small arms fire, mine blasts and IED.

Typical roles for the vehicle are armored, mine protected troop transport for security, stability and peacekeeping missions, protected weapons platform, law enforcement special response vehicle, counter IED an EOD / Range Clearance vehicle.

The vehicle can accommodate 10 passengers in a 4x4 configuration and 16 passengers in a 6x6 configuration. Cougar was selected to serve with the US Marine Corps as a Hardened Engineer Vehicle (HEV), to support engineer mine clearing and explosive ordnance disposal teams deployed in Iraq.

As of June 2006, there are more than 130 Afghanistan and Iraq. The vehicles have taken about 1,000 IED hits without a loss of life,


Me - I'm holding out for one of these...


At 9:27 PM, Blogger Duf said...

You'd cut your commute time by a factor of 7 - at least.

And no road rage.


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