Monday, August 21, 2006

I had no idea...

I had given up reading the Sunday comics because they had gotten singularly vapid and just not funny. But apparently, there's been some exciting developments in a couple of the classic strips that has the internet tubes all a flutter.

Of course I'm talking about Mary Worth's stalker: Aldo Kelrast...

worth 01

worth 02

OK, we admit it.

We haven't read Mary Worth in 30 years, either. UNTIL NOW.

Mary's got a stalker!

He looks like Captain Kangaroo. And he's the talk of the comics world.

Mary Worth, the comic strip your grandma used to love, suddenly is red-hot.

Is it because an extreme makeover took away her wrinkles and the junk in her trunk, turning a frumpy widow into a saucy senior? Or is it the holy-cow story line, which has her being hounded by a Captain Kangaroo look-alike who may have offed his wife?

Whatever the case, Mary Worth, a strip about the original desperate housewife, is on fire. Thousands of people have taken to the Internet to analyze and debate her every move — something unheard of for a comic from the dinosaur age.


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"You're mine, Mary, MINE!!!! BWAA-HAA-HAAAAAAAA!"


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