Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Joan and Daryl sittin' in a tree...

Farmers, Celebrities Evicted From Urban Plot

Personnel using a huge fire ladder this afternoon removed actress Daryl Hannah and protest organizer John Quigley from the tree where they had vowed to remain as long as possible.

Television broadcasts showed a large ladder extending from a firetruck reaching into the tree where Hannah, Quigley and two other people were located. Nearby, protesters were shown sitting on the street or sidewalk, many with their hands tied behind their backs as they were surrounded by police.

Hannah said she was sleeping in her tent when the Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies — who handle evictions in the county — arrived. Quigley alerted her to the raid, and she raced up the tree in about a minute.

"I felt an extreme sense of urgency. Not only did I have to climb up the tree, I had to pull up the rope behind me so they could not follow me," Hannah said in a cellphone interview with The Times from atop the tree.

I guess threatened trees are the new black...


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