Monday, June 05, 2006

Jen's Buffo Box Office!

Weekend tallies:

1. The Break Up - $38,050,000

2. X-Men - $34,350,000 ($175,681,000 total)

4. Da Vinci Code - $19,300,000 ($172,656,000 total)

Now, in terms of my prediction, this confirms the first part of my revised, CYA version - monster opening weekend for The Break Up. Now we have to wait and see whether it drops like a stone on the bad word of mouth...

"What nude scene? All you could see was her bony back!"

Interesting: look what comes in at # 9 while only playing in 77 theaters:

An Inconvenient Truth.

I guess global catastrophe is always popular - Day After Tomorrow raked in the big bucks as well...


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